Julian Weyer

This time, the Masters of Architecture series had to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Because of the national lockdown, the lecture took
a form of an Instagram live stream.

Our guest was Julian Weyer  an architect born in Berlin, who is a partner
of one of Scandinavia’s leading architectural firms – C.F. Møller Architects.
Since its foundation in 1924, this office has been awarded internationally
for setting 
new architectural standards and developing welfare societies
in Scandinavia 
and the rest of the world. In their projects, the architects
follow a rigorous analysis of the local context to assure sustainable
and aesthetic solutions 
with lasting value for clients, occupants and society.

As a C.F. Møller partner, Julian Weyer is working on projects in Denmark, Germany and the UK, with a particular focus on creating integrated
and innovative solutions where urban spaces, landscapes and buildings
go hand in hand with social and environmental sustainability. His most recognizable project is Copenhagen International School Nordhavn.
The building’s facade is covered in 12,000 solar panels, which supply
more than half of the school’s annual electricity consumption.