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During the next Masters of Architecture lecture, our guest will move us to the Mediterranean climate. On the 13th of May, we are going to connect with Fran Silvestre, an architect based in Valencia, leading a studio Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.

Throughout its trajectory, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos worked on small and large-scale projects, but their best-known realizations are single family houses. Each of them is characterized by minimalism and incredible accuracy. According to Fran Silvestre, dialogue is the essence of architecture. It makes possible to discover the conflicts and joys of one’s daily life. Silvestre turns them into buildings that are an unmistakable expression of inhabitant’s personality and culture. It’s a dialogue that defines architecture against the other arts. That’s why, despite the uncompromising minimalism, each of Silvestre’s project is different from the rest.

The lecture is a part of 4 Design Days online conference.