Ananya Singhal

Ananya Singhal is a Hindu architect who established Studio Saar in 2019. Earlier, he worked together with Pritzker Prize winning architect BV Doshi.

Studio Saar was established by 2 partners: Ananya Singhal and Jonny Buckland. Their architecture is underpinned by the ambition to create sustainable solutions for society, achieved by cross-cultural sharing of emerging ideas, methodologies and technologies. The projects of Hindu studio are rooted in understanding the importance of people, culture and place. They interpret vernacular traditions through a contemporary lens to deliver innovative, relevant and beautiful design solutions across a range of typologies. Key buildings of Studio Saar include Secure Sanand Factory and Canteen in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the redevelopment of Udaan Park and Third Space learning centre in Udaipur.

Currently, Ananya Singhal is developing his view of architecture and the built environment for the Global South. Besides architecture, his second passion is photography.

The lecture was a part of 4 Design Days conference.