Jörg Leeser

Jörg Leeser is a German architect based in Cologne. In 2000, together with Anne-Julchen Bernhardt he founded BeL Sozietät für Architektur. The studio’s most recognizable project is NEUBAU, which is an answer on how to react to the growing population of the biggest cities of Germany. It’s about designing housing estates with simple methods of construction, so the future residents are able to build it by themselves.

An example of such realization is Grundbau und Siedler housing estate in Hamburg, which consists of both single-family homes and multistorey housings. After making the basic load-bearing structure, the finishing work has been completed individually by the apartment owners using ‘do it yourself’ methods. As a result, the costs have been reduced up to 30 per cent and at the same time the community has been built.