Carl Bäckstrand

Carl Bäckstrand, a partner and deputy CEO of White Arkitekter which is the biggest architecture practice in Scandinavia. Their team consists not only of architects, but also anthropologists, biologists and sustainability experts. They strongly believe that only an interdisciplinary approach can tackle the challenges of today and the future.

In 2013, White Arkitekter have won the international competition for one of the biggest urban transformations of our time, which is the relocation of the city of Kiruna where land deformation from iron ore extraction are gradually subsuming the center. Two thirds of Kiruna’s population are dependent upon the mine for employment, so instead of closing the mine, the inhabitants decided to shift the city to the completely new place.

In his work, Carl Bäckstrand focuses on sustainable urban design. According to his vision, all architecture should be climate neutral from 2030.