Paolo Fontana

Zvi Hecker is an Israeli architect, born in 1930 in Cracow. After the end of World War II, he emigrated to the newborn country of Israel. The main purpose of architects working there was to determine a new language of architecture that will express the revival of Israeli society. They realized very innovative projects, completely different from the traditional European models. Zvi Hecker’s work has a big influence on the contemporary landscape of Israel. Since 1991, he lives and works in Berlin.

An essential part of Zvi Hecker’s work are drawings. As an artist, he treats the drawing with as much attention as he does the building. Many of his drawings are not only architecture plans – they often contain more information than a building that is going to be realized in a later date. Through drawings, Hecker uncovers the logic of the building, arrives at conclusions and formulates the building expression.